Jonkergouw Creating Solutions

Professional services are provided in the following areas:

Sustainable Innovation and Social Transformation - with a focus on the Development of the Human Potential of Communities (the Human Potential) towards a higher levels of performance.

Programmes were (co-) designed, (co-) developed and (co-) managed for e.g. Ziggo Customer Relations, Unimills, IBO/Freia, VNU/ACNielsen, Randstad, Imtech, Rabobank, CGE&Y, PGGM, TPG, Riinvest/Kosovo and the Euro-Arab Management School, Granada.

It is in this area that the power of the Art of Connecting is being applied, together with the 5 -Dimensions Model.
I furthermore have created a model for community development (teams, organisations, networks, multi stakeholders) that supports groups of professionals to develop towards the level of high performance. These activities often require executive coaching of individual professionals, business leaders, managers and teams as well.

Executive Leadership Development - Coaching of Individuals and Teams

Since 2001 I provide coaching, mainly in the profit sector. It is provided:

  • as a stand-alone one-on-one executive coaching;
  • as an integral part of team, corporate and community transformation projects;
  • for general leadership development programs (e.g. De Baak, Noordwijk) or
  • during executive career development programs (Essent).

My coaching approach is in the Coaching for Performance tradition of John Whitmore.

  • In 2012 I provided a case study based clinic on the subject of Organisation Coaching for the Dutch Coaching Association NOBCO;
  • In 2006 I provided a 2-day workshop on ‘Strategy for Coaches’ for the Institute for Psychotherapy in Moscow, Russia;
  • In 2004 and 2007 I was keynote speaker and instructor at the annual conferences of the Institut für angewandte Sozialwissenschaften (IAS) in Switzerland. IAS is the largest commercial provider of training in coaching, counselling and supervision in Switzerland;
  • During 2001-2003 I worked as Program Director with Whitmore’s associates David Whitaker OBE and Sue Slocombe OBE in a 2-year Leadership Development program for 300 executives in the banking sector.

The DreamLab

A creative working environment, applied as a breeding context for leadership development, strategic change, teambuilding, creativity and innovation, knowledge development and organisational transformation. The Management en Leiderschip Atelier® (also called the StrategyLab or DreamLab) is a means for visual dialogue, for exploring the world of tacit, subconscious knowledge and a vehicle for the conversion of implicit into explicit insights. Atelier sessions often are combined with Storytelling and StrategyLab approaches and have been provided to a variety of companies like e.g. Essent Kabelcom & Netwerk, VNU/ACNielsen, Imtech, the Rabobank Group, Habitat, WMMercer, PGGM, C-Mark, Logica Consulting, Unimills, Esser and to business schools like e.g. IBO and MSM (NL), LIFIM (Finland), IAE, Aix-en-Provence, Euromed, Marseille (France), IMI (Ukraine), the Technical University (Russia), IEDC (Slovenia) and the Piedmont Virginia Community College (USA), for groups ranging from one to over one hundred participants.

Managing Cultural Differences in Transnational Teams

Workshops for various business schools and universities (e.g. the Euro*MBA, the International Management Institute in Kiev, Ukraine, and Teikyo University, Maastricht). I have strong interest in the debate on European Leadership and the Anglo-American viz. the Rhineland business, management and leadership cultures.

International Strategic Management

From 1990 – 1998 I was assistant professor for international strategic management at the Open Universiteit (Heerlen), with a specialisation in European business and management.

  • Designer, editor and author of a masters level course entitled Strategic Issues for Management in an Integrated European Context.
  • Designer and first director of the Euro*MBA Programme (1992 – 1997). This blended learning MBA programme is strongly focused on management and leadership within a European context and is provided by a consortium of European business schools and universities: IAE, Aix-en-Provence and Groupe ESC, Nantes; University College Dublin; EADA, Barcelona; the University of Jyväskylä; Finland; die Akademie für Weiterbildung, Delmenhorst, Germany; the University of Maastricht and the Open Universiteit, the Netherlands.

In 2008 I designed and produced, together with my BOLD-colleague Frans Trommelen, a special program on the subject of ‘Vision-Mission-Strategy’ for Essent Netwerk managers.

The Strategic Impact of Knowledge Management, Multimedia and Information and Communications Technology

  • Since 1997 I work as an expert-consultant to the European Commission for the evaluation and reviewing of R&D projects (IP’s) and large European Networks of Excellence (NoE’s) in the field of ICT for Learning and Working. These projects are all funded within the framework of the Commission’s Information Society Technology Programme (4th, 5th, and 6th Framework) and focus on academic oriented research.
  • From 1992-1994 I was director of a TACIS project in which the distance learning philosophy and practice was trained on an action learning basis to the staff of the business school of the Gazprom/G.Plekhanov Russian Economics Academy in Moscow, Novi Urengoj and Norilsk.
  • In the second half of the 1990ies I gave various workshops and lectures on the subject of ‘IT and business education’ in the context of PHARE and TACIS projects in Central and Eastern Europe & Russia.