Network and Labels

Jonkergouw Creating Solutions is the stand alone company that I work through since 1997.
In many cases projects that I am involved in, however, are far too big to cover for as an individual professional. So, over time I have established a network of associated professionals that are specialized in a variety of fields that are connectable to mine: 1 + 1 makes 3 (or even more). Powerful and dedicated teams can be formed through the smart combining of a range of specializations. Is has proven to provide effective and flexible solutions for often complex consulting and coaching projects.

I also work with specific colleagues e.g. under the ‘label’ of The Social Innovators. Together with drs. Rob Frederix this label was created mid 2012. It is the result of joint working on the creation of sustainable innovation through social transformation processes. Although we also work on the development of individual professionals, teams and organizations, the special focus of this label is the transformation of multiple stakeholder communities (like triple helix networks) towards the level of high performance, as it is required to successfully lead open innovation processes. We in 2012 e.g. worked for the Brainport 2020 Commission (Southeast Netherlands). Since the beginning of 2015 Rob Frederix has moved to live in